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FORUM SA - NURNBERG MESSE form major strategic partnership

Nurnberg Messe & Forum SA form major strategic partnership

A historic, for Greek trade show industry standards, strategic partnership between the Nurnberg Messe Group and Forum SA, has been carried out successfully only last week.
Mevgal 2019

Mevgal: Further growth and a €3 million investment

Mevgal, one of the major dairy players in Greece, is expecting further growth for both 2019 as well as the following years.
Ecotrophelia 2019 National Competition

Ecotrophelia 2019: A competition for the new generation

Once again this year, the innovative ideas and the creativity of the young Greek students were demonstrated through the Ecotrophelia 2019 National Competition of eco-innovative food products...
Nissos Beer

Nissos beer starts exporting to Thailand

The Cyclades Microbrewery at Tinos a.k.a. Nissos –fun fact: Nissos in Greek means “island”– started from zero in 2012, in the midst of Greece’s financial crisis, by Alexandros Kouris and Maya Tsoklis.
Delta Foods SA

Delta Foods SA to complete new milk production unit this fall

Delta Foods SA, the No1 Greek dairy producer with more than 65 years of dairy making expertise and a member of Vivartia Group, is investing a total of €10 million to create a new milk production unit in Agios Stefanos.



Stayia Farm Super Bee Ginseng

Stayia Farm presents Greek honey with royal jelly and ginseng

Stayia Farm's SuperBee range has been loved by consumers for its rare royal jelly varieties.

Spaghetti Express 2’ from Eurimac

Eurimac SA, breaks ground once more, confirming its leadership among other Greek pasta exporting companies, with the ready in 2 minutes, Spaghetti Express 2’.

Handmade chutney with green olives and orange

Bellisimo SA presents a unique combination of green olives from Mytilene and fresh oranges. An exceptional product, packed with umami flavor...

Nougat with real yogurt from Candia Nuts

Candia Nuts, a family business from Herakleion, Crete, is one of the leading snack producing companies in Greece...

Megas Yeeros launches “Mini Bites” meatballs

Megas Yeeros, the No1 gyros producer in the world, has recently launched a new product, the delicious, homemade “Mini Bites” and...

N. Kolionasios Co creates vegan, sugar-free baklava

N. Kolionasios Co or better known to its international clientele by the brand names “Kolionasios Baklava Gold” and “Athena Sweet Athena”...

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