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SEVE DEIK Memorandum

SEVE signs Memorandum of Cooperation

A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed on Tuesday 3 March 2020 in Thessaloniki, between the Greek Exporters Association (SEVE) and the Turkish-Greek Business Council of the Foreign Economic Relations...
Greek food leading exports

Greek food leading exports with +15.1% in 2020

According to provisional data provided by the Hellenic Statistical Authority and processed by the Greek Exporters’ Association Institute of Export Research & Studies (IERS)...
Olive Oil cuts heart attack risk

High olive oil consumption cuts heart attack risk

Most experts agree olive oil –especially extra virgin– is good for you. Yet, according to new research, just half a teaspoon of olive oil a day could cut the risk of a heart attack by a fifth!
Bill Gates investment in Philosofish

Bill Gates investing in Greek aquaculture brand, Philosofish

According to information, the Bill Gates Foundation is said to have already bankrolled the Greek-owned investment fund Diorasis International SA...
Naxos Potatoes

Naxos potatoes enter new collaboration

The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Naxos is not only producing the famous Graviera Naxou PDO cheese or the newly-listed as a PDO denomination, Arseniko Naxou...



Peleano, a sparkling tale from Greece

Peleano, a new pioneering company –and the product’s brand name– from the town of Patras in the Peloponnese, introduces consumers to...

Black Diamond table olives from E-LA-WON

E-LA-WON presents “Black Diamond”, premium natural black table olives of the Kalamata variety, which are grown in various parts of...
Grandpa Jos organic mountain tea

Grandpa JOS: Organic mountain tea in sachets

Grandpa JOS Organic Mountain Tea from the region of Ptolemais in Western Macedonia, has recently introduced a new product...

Mitsopoulos Farm: Complete meals & authentic Greek recipes

Mitsopoulos farm brings to international retail chains all the world of aromas and taste experiences in a kit full of recipe secrets.

Golden and creamy perfection by Hellenic Bakery!

Golden and creamy perfection! Bougatsa (Greek custard pie with phyllo) is a traditional Greek dessert made with the creamiest custard wrapped in...

Vegan baklava from Athena Sweet Athena

One of the most popular recipes comes from the Greek town of Ioannina, where Nikos Kolionasios and his family became famous for...

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