Friday, April 16, 2021
Virtual Greek Tourism Gastronomy Workshop

1st Virtual Greek Alternative Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop in the UK

Greek quality products reach key markets abroad, while Greece’s tourism season is extended, as far as the British market is concerned...
Arcadia Peloponnese

The Arcadia Chamber of Commerce presents new ad campaign

In the presence of the Minister of Tourism, Mr Harris Theocharis, as well as politicians and executives from tourism organizations...
hydroponics unit

Agris unveils new hydroponics unit, the most advanced in S.E. Europe

Production of hydroponic seedlings in perfectly controlled conditions is achieved at the brand new, state-of-the-art greenhouse unit that was recently added to the Agris...
Halloumi cheese

European Commission registers Cypriot Halloumi cheese as PDO

Yesterday, the European Commission adopted two measures regarding an important product to Cypriot heritage, Halloumi cheese...
Greek fruit & vegetable exports

The latest in Greek fruit and vegetable exports

Last week, the export/distribution of Greek citrus and kiwi fruit continued at an increased pace due to the Catholic Easter, with supply currently meeting demand...
Greek Business in the UAE

Greek businesses show great interest for the UAE

Over 400 entries were registered at the online export seminar “Doing Business in UAE – COVID 19 Challenges and Opportunities” which took place on March 31...
New tomato cultivars

Ntomatomics: Development of new tomato cultivars

The Department of Horticultural Genetics and Biotechnology of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, organized the kick-off of the research project “Ntomatomics: Development Of New Tomato Cultivars...
EVOO against COVID-19

Research shows EVOO can help with COVID-19 symptoms

It is common knowledge that nutritious foods help strengthen the immune system and that eating well leads to better health —especially during the pandemic.
Organic Action Plan - From Farm to Fork

European Commission develops a new organic action plan

Organic farming has been constantly growing for the last decade (62% in ten years), from 8.5 million hectares in 2010 to 13.8 million hectares in 2019.
Medbest 25 years

Medbest SA celebrates its 25th anniversary

Medbest SA has reached an exciting milestone, as the company celebrates 25 years of delivering high quality Greek food products to consumers all over the world...