Saturday, October 23, 2021
International Xinomavro Day

November 1st, International Xinomavro Day

On November 1st, Xinomavro, the dominant red wine grape variety from Northern Greece steps once again into the world wine map, with the celebration of the International Xinomavro Day.
Greek Stand Anuga

Record Greek participation at Anuga 2019

A record 286 Greek Food and Beverage exporting companies participated at the Anuga 2019 International Food and Beverage Fair, the world’s largest F&B exhibition.
Three Cents Boosting Extroversion

Three Cents: Boosting extroversion

The strengthening of exports, the expansion of the brand’s retail presence in Greece and Cyprus, and also the addition of new products to its portfolio within 2021, are the key axes of the next year’s strategy...
Study on fish feed

Study on “Modern Fish Feed to Ensure High Nutritional Value and Well-Being”

With the aim of developing Greek aquaculture and creating guides for best practices in every sector of...
2nd International Olive Center Coference

2nd International Olive Conference

Olive oil is one of the main trade commodities that Greece is particularly proud of. Just think that the country is in third place regarding olive oil production...
Kopanisti Cheese in the menu of Nammos Dubai

Kopanisti cheese from Mykonos on the menu of Nammos Dubai

Greek cheeses are having a moment in the international gastronomy scene. Everyone has tasted at some point the famous Feta...
Ecotrophelia 2019 National Competition

Ecotrophelia 2019: A competition for the new generation

Once again this year, the innovative ideas and the creativity of the young Greek students were demonstrated through the Ecotrophelia 2019 National Competition of eco-innovative food products...
Domaine Sigalas

60% of Domaine Sigalas winery sold to Martinos-owned company

According to information, about 60% of the well-known winery Domaine Sigalas SA, located on the island of Santorini...

BioCoS: A platform identifying olive varieties with an algorithm

BioCoS is a Bioinformatics and Biotechnology company based in Chania, Crete, which uses genetic information (DNA) to identify the raw materials used in production.
Nafsika's Garden plant based products

Plant-based brand Nafsika’s Garden to expand in the Middle East

Plant-based cheese company Nafsika’s Garden is looking to expand to the Middle Eastern market, taking advantage of the home-cooking...


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