Sunday, February 28, 2021

EU Commission approves acquisition of Greek aquaculture companies

Mubadala Investment Company, the Abu Dhabi strategic firm with over $200 billion in assets under management, was given the green light by the EU...
Greek Olive Oil

Greek olive oil and olives exempted from latest US tariffs

The latest import sanctions by the U.S. on European products that include cheese, yogurt, wines, olives, oranges, and lemons have already taken effect.
Stevia Hellas - Sustainability

Stevia Hellas: Sustainability program starting officially in September

Stevia Hellas is shifting towards sustainable development by launching the Sustainability for All program. The program, which has already...

Europe’s livestock and meat sector a key player in Farm-2-Fork

The Union of European Livestock and Meat Trades (UECBV) adopted recently at its AGM a clear position as a key actor of the Farm-to-Fork (F2F) strategy.
Saudi Arabia embargo Turkish products

Saudi Arabia embargoes Turkish products, chooses Greek instead

An unofficial imports embargo imposed by Saudi Arabia on Turkish goods is undermining that latter's exports not only to the Persian Gulf power but to its neighbors...
Santorini Wine

2020: The yield of the Santorini vineyard returns to normal

This year’s wine production in the island of Santorini reached the annual average, with grapes of exceptional quality, bringing back the smile to vine cultivators’ faces...
Plant based products denounced

Greek Interprofessional Meat Organization denounces meat denominations

The row over how to name plant-based products is heating up after European meat and dairy sector stakeholders have come together to denounce...
Violanta Investment

Violanta: New plant in Larissa and a €14 million investment

Violanta, one of the fastest-developing cookie brands in Greece, is implementing a three-year investment plan amounting to €14 million.
Greek products - Shufersal

Israeli supermarket chain interested in Greek products

Greek products are slowly but surely receiving the acknowledgement they deserve as international businesses are expressing an increased interest in them –even during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Augmenta Field Analyzer

Augmenta wins coveted EIMA tech innovation prize for Field Analyzer

Augmenta has recently won EIMA International's Technical Innovation Prize and Blue Award for 2021. This prestigious honor is in recognition of...


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