Saturday, August 24, 2019
Zagorin apple production

New investments in infrastructure upgrade for Zagorin

The Agricultural Cooperative Union of Zagora-Pilio, now in its 103rd year, is constantly trying to improve its production of high quality apples.

21 Greek PDO & PGI products at the center of historic trade agreement

After 20 years of negotiations, the EU and South American economic bloc Mercosur have signed a huge trade deal, and Greek PDO products benefit from the deal.
Rodoula SA Greek Food News

€3 million investment to double exports for Rodoula

Rodoula SA, one of the most established companies of frozen dough products and sweet delicacies in Greece, will benefit from a €3 million investment from Elikonos Capital Partners

Greek chestnut exports reach 80%

According to information, chestnut production for the year 2019 in the region of Mount Kissavos and, particularly in the so-called “chestnut villages” where most of the cultivation takes place, is expected to increase.
Delta Foods SA

Delta Foods SA to complete new milk production unit this fall

Delta Foods SA, the No1 Greek dairy producer with more than 65 years of dairy making expertise and a member of Vivartia Group, is investing a total of €10 million to create a new milk production unit in Agios Stefanos.
Greek Spirits

Greek spirits take over international markets

The Greek Federation of Spirits Producers (SEAOP) has team up with Enterprise Greece in order to highlight Greek spirits across the world.

Friesland Campina Hellas to make NOYNOY factory even bigger

Friesland Campina Hellas has recently announced that it intends to extend its NOYNOY factory in Patras, Greece, following an investment of €5 million.
Mevgal 2019

Mevgal: Further growth and a €3 million investment

Mevgal, one of the major dairy players in Greece, is expecting further growth for both 2019 as well as the following years.

Palirria: A new factory in Jordan

Palirria-Souliotis SA intends to inaugurate a new food production unit in Jordan, due to the high demand of the company’s products, and especially its dolma, in the Middle East.
Greek Aquaculture

The first Area of Organized Development of Aquaculture Activities in Greece

The Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food announced the establishment of the first Area of Organized Development of Aquaculture Activities in Greece, in the region of Pieria.


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