Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Cretan Avocado

Cretan avocado: Applying for PGI status

The successful production of avocado in Greece during the last few years, seems to have energized the farmers of Crete...
FB Products Greek exports

Greek exports: F&B products at the forefront for 2019

Greek exports have been steadily growing in both July 2019 and during the January-July 2019 period, with growth rates rising to 3%.
Mazi Restaurant Dish - Grilled Octopus

London restaurant Mazi to open in Abu Dhabi

Dubai has been inundated with Greek restaurants –from Avli and Ammos to Gaia and Opa– and now Mazi from Notting Hill is set to open
PDO PGI Products

9 Greek products applied for EU quality schemes

Applications to the European Commission to include 9 Greek products on the EU’s list of food products with PDO, PGI or TSG status, have been submitted...
Elviart dough production

Elviart: Investing in dough production equipment

Elviart, one of the leading pita production companies in Greece, showed increased financial performance...
Feta cheese

Feta cheese bone of contention between Australia and the EU

Feta cheese stands in the way of European Union’s negotiations with Australia on a trade deal, as Greece seeks to protect...
Naxos Potato Festival

10th Potato Festival

The island of Naxos is famous for its potatoes and the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Naxos, in collaboration with the Region of South Aegean...
Mandrekas Greek Yogurt

Mandrekas: Second US plant in the works

Mandrekas SA is planning a second production facility in the United States, after the company’s first successful opening in the country...
Tomato processing

30% increase in the production of tomatoes for the processing industry

This year’s production of tomatoes for the processing industry is expected to be one of the best in recent years...
Greek Gastronomy Greek Food News

Greek cuisine travels to London

Greek gastronomy and foodstuff were featured in this year’s National Geographic Traveller Food Festival, a 2-day celebration of international cuisine which took place in London, on July 20-21.


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