Sunday, July 25, 2021
Astypalaia goes green

The island of Astypalaia goes green

Greece and the Volkswagen Group have started a pilot project for sustainable mobility and energy supply on the Aegean island of Astypalea.
Fresh fruit and vegetable exports

Fresh fruit and vegetable exports soar in 2021

According to data provided by the Hellenic Statistical Authority and processed by the Greek Association of Export and Distribution of Fruits, Vegetables and Juices,...
Bites of Greece

Events for the promotion of Greek products in the UK, “Bites of Greece”

The first of three events promoting Greek products under the name “Bites of Greece", which will take place in the British capital until the end of July...
Greek Export Summit

Export Summit VIII highlighted the next day of exports

The conference entitled “Export Summit VIII - Awareness: a Key Factor to Success”, organised by the Greek Exporters’ Association (SEVE)...
Effects of saffron on menopause

Research highlights the effects of saffron on the symptoms of menopause

There is growing evidence suggesting that saffron may effectively treat menopausal symptoms in perimenopausal women...
Harvesting robot launched in the Greek vineyard

Harvesting robot will be launched in Greek vineyard

With the growing population and climate change, agricultural productivity growth is unlikely to meet the increased demand for food....
EU Agreement for the protection of bees

Agreement for the protection of bees

A few days ago, on June 28, EU agriculture ministers agreed on the need to set a specific target for the protection of honeybees from pesticides...
Santorini Wines - Santo Wines

Wines in Argentina falsely marketed as “Santorini”

The Union of Santorini Cooperatives, SantoWines, the cooperative winery of the Greek island of Santorini, has learned that wines are going to be marketed...
Stevia Cultivation Program

Stevia cultivation program in Rhodope and Xanthi

The organization “New Agriculture New Generation” is extending the implementation of the free program “Stevia: A Sustainable and Regenerative Transition” to the regional units of Rhodope and Xanthi...
Cretan Olive Oil PGI

Cretan olive oil: PGI designation dossier approved

Αs regards the final approval by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food towards the PGI classification of Cretan olive oil and its standardization only in Crete...