Saturday, August 24, 2019

ABEA introduces a unique EVOO from wild olives

Once upon a time there was a wild olive tree…that everyone ignored. The “old” didn’t want to mix her olives with the rest because...

Megas Yeeros launches “Mini Bites” meatballs

Megas Yeeros, the No1 gyros producer in the world, has recently launched a new product, the delicious, homemade “Mini Bites” and...

Lagakis offers the authentic taste of the sea

Enjoyment grasps you in its tentacles and inspires your daily cooking ventures in the most delightful way. Discover the mouth-watering calamari...

Spaghetti Express 2’ from Eurimac

Eurimac SA, breaks ground once more, confirming its leadership among other Greek pasta exporting companies, with the ready in 2 minutes, Spaghetti Express 2’.

Biscuits full of…goodness by Allatini

Allatini, one of the best-established Greek brands, has recently launched the cereal biscuit series “Allatini Goodness in Me”.

Nougat with real yogurt from Candia Nuts

Candia Nuts, a family business from Herakleion, Crete, is one of the leading snack producing companies in Greece...

Discover the Xiros natural, unrefined sea salt

With dedication to top tier quality and respect to their customers, Xiros produces natural sea salt and fleur de sel, of premium quality and...

PROVIL SA introduces 3 new Greek mise-en-place sauces

Provil SA introduces 3 new mise-en-place sauces with Greek Flavor.

Enjoy whole wheat farfalle from Helios

Certified organic Helios whole wheat farfalle is made of 100% semolina from organic durum wheat. It has a low glycemic index and more trace...

High quality, delicious Potou Melan Premium EVOO

For connoisseurs from all over the world, Constantin Potou presents the unique Potou Melan Premium, EVOO, PDO Kalamata, with health claim...


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